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Tips To Keep Your Home Plumbing In Good Condition

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People spend at least some portion of their weekend attending to various chores to ensure that their house is in good condition. All these repetitive tasks, like cleaning the house, gardening, etc. consume time and energy.  But all the same, they need your attention every week or fortnight.


All these activities have a “must do” tag because they have an impact on your day-to-day living. However, many of us tend to overlook the importance of maintaining our plumbing installations in the best condition. This happens because plumbing installations and fixtures generally work well and are mostly out of sight.


Why Regular Plumbing Maintenance Matters


But the lack of maintenance can result in deterioration of the system. If this deterioration or damage goes unnoticed, it can suddenly create problems that prove difficult and expensive to fix.  Looking after the plumbing installations is the best way to avoid constant problems.


Maintenance of plumbing installations is in no way different from the care of other appliances, installations, and features in your house. Hiring the services of expert Sydney plumbers like us at Everlast Plumbing for regular maintenance is the right step. Yet, you can do certain things on your own to improve the condition and life span of plumbing installations and fixtures.


Tips For Quick Fixes


Plumbing issues may appear to pop up out of the blue, but they are often common issues faced by every homeowner some time or the other. Here are some commonly faced plumbing problems and their resolution.


  • Clogged drains


A simple solution is to pour half a cup of salt into the drain and pour hot water over it to clear the blockage. If drains clog often, it is better to use enzyme-based drain cleaners. Avoid any harsh cleaners with chemicals as they corrode the pipes.


  • A Trickle Or No Water Flowing From The Faucet


Usually, low water pressure is due to the problem with the sink faucet, and the most likely cause is the aerator. A buildup of calcium deposits reduces the water pressure. So the trick is to clean the aerator. You need to ensure that the shut-off valve positioned under the sink is open and then block the drain. Unscrew the aerator, separate its parts, clean them, and reconstruct the aerator to fix to the facet. The normal water flow will start.


Prevent plumbing problems


Preventive plumbing maintenance takes care of plumbing problems that arise on and off and keeps you free of the hassles. Here are things that help in the proper maintenance of plumbing installations in your house.


  • Installation of filters in bath and shower drains to prevent hair and other small items from flowing into the drains. Clean the filters with hot water regularly.


  • Separate fat and grease and put it in the trash can. Avoid pouring it into the drain.


  • Enjoy water pressure at a level that does not strain the pipes and create a leak. If possible, install a water pressure gauge to measure the water pressure.


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