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Common Toilet Plumbing Issues and The Best Ways To Fix Them

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Your plumbing system will pose some or the other issue intermittently. It is not unusual to face such problems because it is subjected to constant use. Naturally, it undergoes some deterioration over time.


We at Everlast Plumbing provide a range of plumbing services and have the expertise to undertake toilet installation and repairs. We consider here a few problems that property owners commonly face and the best way to fix them.


  • Partial flush– When you find that the flush works, but not fully, the problem may be with the flapper valve as it drops quickly. Usually, the valve should retain its upper position till 80% of the flush water drains. If this fails to happen, you need to replace the flapper valve.


  • Weak functioning of Flusher– You may get a quality flush installed, yet it may stop functioning effectively after some time. If the hard water deposits have built-up and settled in places such as the bowl rim’s swirl hole or syphon jet hole, you need to remove the deposits.


The use of a muriatic acid wash is the most effective solution to remove those deposits. It is important to keep the bathroom windows open, and exhaust fan switched on. Pour acid in the overflow tube and allow it to remain for half an hour before flushing the toilet. The flusher will function more or less normally.


  • Gurgling Sounds in Sink & tub– At times, you hear gurgling sounds from the sink or bath when you flush the toilet.  This happens when there is a partial or complete clog in the vent pipe of the toilet. You need to call a professional plumber to attend to this issue. Do not be surprised if they remove a dead bird or an object that clogged it.


  • Reduced water level in the bowl – You see the normal water level in the bowl after flushing the toilet, but it drops after some time. One possibility is that toilet paper is clogging the toilet. In this case, you may use plunger or drain auger to remove the clog, which could bring the water level back to normal. A rare possibility exists where the piping or interior colon of the toilet bowl develops a crack, and you need to replace the toilet bowl altogether.


  • Dripping tank- Sometimes you notice that the water starts dripping after the tank fills. After some time, you may see a partially filled tank, and after it fills, it starts dripping too. The cycle of filling and dripping continues, which results in a significant loss of water.


We handle all types of toilet installation and repair jobs at a cost-effective price. For any more information about any of our services, feel free to contact Everlast Plumbing at (02) 8045 5100. We cater to residential and commercial clients across these areas in Sydney. Alternatively, send us your queries through this Contact Us form.

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